As the largest independent entertainment company in Belgium,  CNR Records  fully for the development of creative talent in Belgium and throughout the world.

These success stories come about through intelligent and creative A&R, original marketing, committed promotion and strong partnerships with media and brand partners across Belgium.

CNR Records represents a wide range of music, such as REGI, Niels Destadsbader, Willy Sommers, judith, Vaya Con Dios, Hugo, Cleymans & Van Geel, Dana Winner, John Terra, Kommil Foo, Jaap Reesema, Pauline, Lea Rue, Gene Thomas, Camille, Metejoor and Channel Zero.

CNR Records is also the compilation partner of Tomorrowland, DPG and VRT/Ketnet.

CNR Records has its home base in Niel am See (B) with a professional team of experienced music professionals. With a music niche in Belgium, CNR offers a mix of experienced and young A&Rs, supported by solid marketing & promotion. With its own sales team, CNR also continues to conquer the physical music market.
A team of young digital wolves is more than keeping its finger on the pulse of all the possibilities offered by social media and music platforms such as Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music.

CNR also includes sister companies for the entire music sector such as One Bookings CNR Brands  and the music publisher Tousensemble Publishing.

CNR is the Belgian entertainment company of and for the future.



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